Family is bowled over by generous donations

Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin

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GENEROUS donations have been pouring in to help a little boy who needs vital treatment for eye cancer.

Tyler Martin has a rare form of cancer which has caused him to lose sight in one eye.

His family appealed for help as they must fund their living expenses abroad during the nine weeks of treatment.

Since then, people have rallied around the family to support them.

As reported in The News, Tyler has a two-year-old sister called Kirsty who must also make the trip.

But the NHS can only fund the travel costs of Tyler and his parents.

The Hayling Businessmen’s Golf Society came forward to pay the £900 needed 
for Kirsty’s flight within 

And since then, other donors have offered to help.

The Derbyshire-based charity Kids’n’Cancer has also come forward to help the Martin family with their living expenses.

Tyler’s mum Tracey, 30, said: ‘People’s generosity has given us a whole new perspective on things.

‘It’s so nice that people who don’t even know us would come forward and offer to help in our time of need.

‘We’re still not sure how it’s all going to work when we get out there and we don’t even know where we’re staying 

‘But knowing that we have some help when it comes down to getting out there is such a relief.’

Tyler was taken to hospital earlier this year with what was thought to be an eye infection.

But it later turned out to be a rare form of cancer.

He has since gone through treatment at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham and Southampton General 

But with the cancer now only 1mm away from his brain, Tyler’s best hope is a nine-week course of expensive proton beam therapy in Florida.

Richard Cleall, 73, of Meadowlands in Havant, 
is a member of the 
Hayling Businessman’s Golf Society.

He said: ‘Our members meet monthly to play golf and we give each other silly fines afterwards for things like using mobile phones on the course.

‘So after seeing the story about Tyler Martin in The News we thought it would be nice to help the family.’