Famous doctor puts smile on Jack’s face with video message

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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HIS eyes lit up and a huge smile crept across his face.

Another one of Jack Robinson’s wishes came true this week, as the four-year-old received a message from the Doctor.

GREETINGS Jack Robinson watches a video message from former Doctor Matt Smith. Picture: Paul Jacobs (14477-1)

GREETINGS Jack Robinson watches a video message from former Doctor Matt Smith. Picture: Paul Jacobs (14477-1)

Matt Smith, who played the famous Timelord in Doctor Who for three years, sent a video clip over a minute long to Jack as we revealed yesterday.

In the video filmed in Texas, America, Matt slowly pans down the camera before singing part of the Doctor Who theme tune.

He then tells Jack he will send him some goodies and try to visit him when he gets back to England.

Matt said: ‘Jack! Hello, it’s Matt Smith here.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

‘Listen, I’m in Austin, Texas, but I wanted to say hello because I hear you’re the biggest fan of Doctor Who, in the whole wide world, and I like Doctor Who fans.’

The video was sent on Monday evening to Jack, who is a massive Doctor Who fan.

His dad Terry, 47, of Bere Road, Denmead, said: ‘Jack had gone to sleep, but we woke him up to show him the message. His eyes just lit up and he was so delighted – it made his day.

‘Jack was over the moon.

‘Gary Barlow tweeted he had a message from Matt Smith, but we didn’t expect this, thank you Gary.

‘And thank you to Darren Langford, a well-wisher, who said he had also been in contact with Matt.

‘We’re not sure which person he responded too, but we are grateful that he has.’

As reported, last month Jack was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, and has been given only a five per cent chance of survival.

But since then, friends and family have rallied around to make his final wishes come true.

This included meeting Take That singer Gary Barlow last week.

On Friday, family friends Melissa O’Donnell and Andrea Yearsley, held a Valentine’s Day ball at the Portsmouth Truck Stop, in Farlington.

The event raised £3,065, and is being donated to the family, to help make Jack’s wishes come true.

So far, £7,000 has been given to the family, but the figure is likely to be higher, as funds are still being collected from different events.


ONCE Doctor Who star Matt Smith gets back to England, he hopes to visit one of his biggest fans.

Four-year-old Jack Robinson, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last month, is a huge Doctor Who fan.

In a video message sent to the family, actor Matt said he will try to visit the youngster.

He said: ‘I’m sorry I can’t be there to say hello, but when I’m back in England, I’m going to try and come and say hello my man, and give you a thumbs up, and a what’s up, and see what you know about Doctor Who.

‘I hear you’re the biggest fan ever, so keep on enjoying Doctor Who.

‘I’m going to try and send you some stuff as well, and I’m thinking of you mate, lots of love.’