Fareham family invites online donations for teenager

APPEAL Sam John, second from right, with dad Steve, mum Vicki and brother Matt, 13. Picture: Paul Jacobs  (13728-7)
APPEAL Sam John, second from right, with dad Steve, mum Vicki and brother Matt, 13. Picture: Paul Jacobs (13728-7)
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A WEBSITE allowing people to donate towards efforts to give a teenage boy life-changing treatment has been set up.

The family of Sam John, 16, have been working to create a site in order to keep people updated on events and a way of donating money.

As previously reported, Sam, of Albert Road, Fareham, was diagnosed with the brain tumour when he was nine years old.

Despite his condition being stable for a few years, a test earlier this month found the tumour had started to grow.

He needs specialist radiotherapy treatment, called proton beam therapy, to stop it from growing further.

As it is not available in the UK, the family are waiting to find out if Sam meets criteria so the NHS will pay for them to go over to America.

But if their application is refused, the family will have to pay out up to between £100,000 and £200,000 for 10 weeks’ stay and treatment at a hospital in Florida.

Sam’s father Steve, 44, hopes the website will be a good way to keep people updated.

He said: ‘We are still completely taken aback by all the support that is flooding in.

‘We still can’t believe how many people are coming forward.

‘This website will keep people updated on what’s happening.

‘There is also a link, which gives account details to donate money.

‘We want to thank people for all their support so far.’

The decision on whether the NHS will pay for Sam’s treatment rests on whether a panel decides he should be treated as an adult or a child.

Patients are classed as adults if they are 16 or over.

Despite Sam battling with the tumour for seven years, he turned 16 two months ago, and it was after this that his case was put forward for proton therapy funding.

This means he is more than likely going to be assessed as an adult.

There are 12 types of diagnosis that qualify a child for the treatment – but only three for adults.

Sam’s diagnosis is not one of those three, meaning the family may have to pay.

So far a karate challenge, a bake sale, a bring and buy event and a skittles night have been organised.

The website is at thinkingshrinking.co.uk