Fitness can be as easy as ABC if you follow tips

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Over the next three weeks this weight loss, wellbeing and exercise guide will help you make sense of some of the myths and information surrounding the subject. Try implementing a few and see the difference!

A – Attitude: Having the right attitude towards fat loss will help you be more positive about yourself and what you would like to achieve.

Nikki Caputa

Nikki Caputa

Think of how amazing it feels to get to your goal and how fabulous you will look.
B – Breakfast: This is an important meal. What we do at breakfast can determine 
how we eat for the rest of the day.

If we eat a healthy breakfast we are more inclined to continue eating healthily at every other meal throughout the day, but if we start off with a poor food choice we are also more likely to continue in this fashion.

It’s a good idea to eat protein at breakfast as it has a higher thermogenic effect than carbohydrates and fats. This means it takes more energy and calorie-burning to break it down to be used in the body – boosting fat loss!
C – Cortisol: This is known as the ‘stress hormone’ and is released around the body when you are under pressure.

Perhaps you get stressed 
at work, during your studies, at home, financially; you name it there are many reasons!

Being in this stressed state and having the presence of increased cortisol levels can lead to eating when you are not hungry and the energy is not needed.

It is important to relax if you want to lose body fat. 
D – Diet: Following the latest fad diet to achieve the looks of an athlete or the women in
beauty magazines is a sure way to fail with your fat loss efforts.

Remember the women in
those magazines are not only blessed with what most would perceive as great genes, they
are Photoshopped like crazy.

And athletes look great because they often have a team of experts looking out for them and preparing their meals and training regimes.

Avoid buying into the latest diets.

I suspect they are designed to make you fail so you will go back and buy again.
E – Exercise: Mix it up with cardio, resistance and flexibility training.

Not only will exercise make you feel better it will help with balancing hormones, promote sleep and help with weight issues.

Resistance training will give you the fastest results for fat loss especially when you’re struggling. 
F – Fish: This is an excellent food to include if you want to achieve great fat loss results.

It is low in calories and saturated fats and provides a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for physical health, mental health and heart protection.

Fish also provides an
abundance of iron, zinc, iodine and selenium.

It is a lean protein that can keep us feeling full for longer and provides the nutrients needed for optimal growth and recovery from training sessions.
G – The Glycemic Index (GI): This is a numerical system used to indicate how rapidly a particular food (or more specifically carbohydrate) can raise blood sugar levels.

Foods representing a low GI (below 55) are broken down gradually, providing a slow rise in blood sugar and insulin levels.

High GI foods (70 or above) break down much more rapidly, causing both blood glucose and insulin to head on an upwards surge followed by an equally rapid fall.

To keep low levels of body fat we want to eat mostly low GI foods. We can get these via complex carbohydrates (i.e. wholegrain rice, bread and pasta) and fibrous vegetables (i.e. broccoli, sprouts and leafy greens).

Nikki Caputa is a health and fitness coach who works one-to-one with clients and runs her own fitness camps where she trains groups.

Known as FAB Body Bootcamps, two are based in Fareham and one is in Portsmouth.

Nikki is also an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

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Follow Nikki on Twitter @nikkifitmum1