Free health checks for men at pharmacies instead of surgeries

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MEN of all ages are being invited to have a health and wellbeing check at pharmacies across the city.

NHS Portsmouth has launched the scheme at 14 pharmacies to help men improve their health.

The idea is that some men might be more inclined to visit a pharmacy than go to see a GP.

Janet Bowhill, pharmaceutical advisor at NHS Portsmouth, said: ‘Men can sometimes put off using health services because they struggle to find the time, or don’t think that their problems are important enough.

‘This can mean they put up with uncomfortable symptoms unnecessarily, don’t get support to change to healthier habits, or sometimes miss the early warning signs of something serious.

‘Pharmacies are great places for everyone to get health advice and access a range of NHS services.’

The pharmacies are offering one-to-one sessions with men which can include discussions about smoking, alcohol, weight and physical activity, as well as any concerns men have about their health.

Staff will also be able to advise men on help available in their pharmacy or if they need to see their doctor.

To find out which pharmacies are offering the health checks visit

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