Free heart advice in Chichester

Residents in south east ‘in hibernation’

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NURSES will offer free pulse checks and heart advice in Chichester during an awareness week.

As part of the national Heart Rhythm Week, which is run by The Arrhythmia Alliance, nurses working for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust were keen to get involved.

Arrhythmia and device nurse specialist Clare Tate from St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester, will help to raise awareness of heart rhythm issues.

She said: ‘An arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rate or rhythm, caused by problems with the heart’s electrical system – although it can be extraordinarily serious, most people don’t know much about it.

‘We will be there to talk to people, to give advice, and we will be able to carry out quick pulse checks as well – it is essential to keep your heart healthy, but that also means it is essential to know more about how it is working.’

Clare will be in Chichester city centre on Wednesday from 10am to 2pm.

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