Free mobile phone app to help Portsmouth cyclists

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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CYCLISTS are being encouraged to download a free first aid app.

Peter Leach is a Portsmouth volunteer for St John Ambulance and is the regional operational cycling officer.

He is encouraging people to download the ‘first aid for cyclists’ app, which contains advice on how to treat the most common injuries experienced by cyclists, as well as how to improvise with bike equipment at the scene of an accident.

Mr Leach, who was knocked off his bike in September by a car, said: ‘Our free app is a new tool specifically aimed at equipping the increasing numbers of cyclists across the country with first aid skills and should be as essential to any rider as part of their bike repair kit.

‘We know many cyclists have accidents on the road each year, sometimes resulting in serious injuries where first aid could have made a difference.

‘As the nation’s leading first aid charity, we want to ensure that the south east’s cycling community is equipped with this essential knowledge should the worst happen.’