Free Portsmouth seminar to tackle breathing problems

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PEOPLE suffering from breathing problems are being invited to a free specialist help session.

Sufferers of conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma and emphysema can go along to a two-hour meeting to learn about a breathing techniques.

The Buteyko Breathing Rehabilitation programme is named after Russian professor of medicine Konstantin Buteyko, and focuses on every aspect of breathing and not just a system of repetitive exercises.

Simon Paddon is the expert who will visit Portsmouth to host the session.

He said: ‘Buteyko helps people to recognise problem areas and correct them.

‘This is done in many different ways, such as, looking at and correcting the way a person breathes when they cough, sneeze, yawn, sigh, sleep, eat, speak, and much more.

‘These are all ways of losing excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, which can lead to worsening symptoms

‘By correcting breathing, it will reduce symptoms and safely reduce dependence on breathing medications.’

The session takes place on Tuesday, September 18, at the Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place, Fratton, from 7pm to 9pm.

Placements must be booked in advance.

Either call 0844 357 7373 or go to