Friends want to raise £10,000 for Clare’s Disney dream

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  • Clare, 37, has terminal cancer
  • She has always selflessly helped others
  • Now friends rally around to send her and the family to Disney World, Florida
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HER dying wish is to have a family holiday of a lifetime.

Now friends of Clare Baillie are raising £10,000 so she can go to Disney World in Florida with her husband Kane, 27, and their four children.

Clare Baillie with her husband Kane Baillie and her children, from left, Albie Baillie, Evie-Mae Baillie and Lucy Baillie

Clare Baillie with her husband Kane Baillie and her children, from left, Albie Baillie, Evie-Mae Baillie and Lucy Baillie

The Portsmouth mum has cancer which has gradually spread around her body. She has decided not have any more chemotherapy and instead focus on being healthy and with her family for as long as possible.

As a result, a fundraising drive has started. And The News is urging readers to this weekend donate money and spread the word about the campaign on social media.

Kane, a health and safety advisor, said: ‘At first when she said no more chemotherapy I thought she was being a bit selfish. But we spoke about it and I realised Clare just wants to be as normal as possible for as long as possible and that’s exactly what we do.

‘I go to work and Clare does way more than she’s supposed to do, but that’s just the kind of woman she is.

She’s very strong, brave and always thinks of others

Husband Kane Baillie

‘She’s very strong, brave and always thinks of others.

‘We’re so grateful friends are trying to make this holiday happen for us all.’

Clare, 37, of Kirpal Road, Baffins, was diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago. Despite having the tumorous part removed and undergoing chemotherapy, several months later she found out the cancer had spread to her liver.

She had another operation to remove the tumour followed by more chemotherapy.

However last year she was told it had spread to her lungs and was inoperable.

It was then she decided she would not have any more chemotherapy.

Only last week she was diagnosed with cancer in the kidney.

Despite it all, Clare was a main fundraiser for friend Lucy Jenkins when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Now Clare’s friend Gina Tillett wants to send Clare, Kane, and children Ryan Warren, 18, Lucy Baillie, 16, Alvie, seven, and Evie-Mae, to Florida.

She said: ‘With everything she does for other people, she now deserves the same back. She has done so much for other people, and while she was doing this she was fighting cancer.

‘One of Clare’s things to do on her bucket list was to take her kids to Disney in Florida. I now want to do that for her before it’s too late.’

Details of auctions and other fundraisers can be found on a Facebook group called Clare’s Disney Dream

To donate, visit the JustGiving page set up for Clare

And on Twitter, use the hashtag #ClaresDisneyDream