From Fat to Fit: Reporter’s gym challenge

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Reporter David George is taking up the challenge of getting fit with the help of the new Village Hotel gym at Lakeside, Portsmouth — and we’re following his progress as he attempts to go from fat to fit with the help of a personal trainer.

Last week was a great re-introduction to the gym – but it’s time to get serious.

Journalist David George with personal trainer Rich Higgins

Journalist David George with personal trainer Rich Higgins

This week was all about hitting the weights — but as my personal trainer explained to me, going from fat to fit doesn't mean churning out bicep curls until the cows come home.

Instead, it has been full body training each session — such as doing goblet squats (holding the dumbbell to your chest) to improve my core and cable exercises to work my chest and shoulders.

My diet has improved as well — no more takeaways and the fridge is full of fruit and veg, which is bizarre.

I'm starting to feel a real difference... let's just hope it shows on the scales!

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