Fundraiser for Havant woman who cannot eat

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MORE than £12,000 has been raised for a woman who cannot eat because of problems with her stomach muscles.

Natalie Wallis can only be fed through tubes and has spent the past eight years in and out of hospital, dramatically losing weight.

As previously reported in The News, she is hoping to have a stomach pacemaker fitted and, to pay for the operation, her family and friends have so far raised £12,242.

The latest fundraiser, held last month, raised £3,000. But just two days after the event, Natalie, from Havant, was hospitalised and later found out she has acute kidney damage.

Kim Ssemuwemba, Natalie’s mum, said: ‘If anyone can help with fundraising, please do. No matter how little, it is important.

‘I see my daughter at 31 getting weaker by the week which as a mother is so upsetting.’

The next fundraiser is a table-top sale on June 3 at Lovedean Village Hall at 2pm.

To donate to Natalie visit