Fundraisers give West Sussex hospital a cash boost to fight infections

BOOST St Richard's Hospital
BOOST St Richard's Hospital
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PATIENTS at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester will benefit from several improvements thanks to a funding pledge.

At its annual meeting the Friends of Chichester Hospitals approved funding for just under £140,000 to buy equipment and pay for facility upgrades.

The money will go towards helping the hospital’s fight against infections. The Friends will be spending £29,000 on a vapour disinfection system.

This will enable side rooms or whole bays in a ward to be treated swiftly after infectious patients have been discharged and to protect new patients from hospital-acquired infections such as C Difficile, MRSA or the winter vomiting bug Norovirus which can prove deadly.

Friends chairman Jane Ramage said: ‘St Richard’s has worked hard to fight such bugs, and the friends are very pleased to support this equipment, which will ensure decontamination can take place promptly after an outbreak, without waiting to hire equipment in. It will always be on standby.’

Six intravenous anaesthetic pumps costing £9,240 will also be purchased as part of the hospital trust’s enhanced recovery programme at St Richard’s.

Also approved was a major redesign of the women and children’s reception and patient waiting area which will cost just over £100,000.

As part of the project an area of greater privacy will be provided for patients and staff needing to discuss sensitive personal details and arrange further investigations or appointments.