Gay people should not worry about accessing health advice, says Solent trust

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OLDER gay people should not be worried about accessing sexual health services they need.

That is the message from Andrew Smith, sexual health promotion team leader and HIV prevention lead at Solent NHS Trust.

His message comes after The News yesterday published an Agenda on the problems people face when coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans when older.
Mr Smith said: ‘There is some suggestion that sexually transmitted infections are higher in people over 45, in all communities.

‘What we know is that HIV is something that affects people regardless of their age group.

‘Late diagnosis is something that often happens in older people.’

And he said there is an added pressure for older LGBT people.

He added: ‘What we find is with a lot of older people is they may have been previously married and have children.

‘There is an added pressure on them on the relationships they had previously formed, not only about telling partners or ex-partners but also telling their children.’