Get tips on diabetic treats this Christmas

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TIPS on how diabetic people can still enjoy festive food are being given by a charity.

To help people manage the condition over the Christmas season, Diabetes UK has put together a section on its website, with tips and guidance, as well as recipes.

There is also advice about food at parties, safe guidelines for alcohol consumption and how to choose healthier options of Christmas dishes, nibbles and treats.

Jill Steaton, regional manager for Diabetes UK south east, said: ‘We are also recommending that people with diabetes and their family and friends shouldn’t be tempted to buy “diabetic” foods.

‘They offer no special benefit to people, and will still affect blood glucose levels.

‘These foods contain just as much fat and calories as the ordinary versions, can have a laxative effect and can be expensive. It makes much more sense to have small amounts of ordinary festive foods instead and balance this with healthier recipes and snacks.’

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