Get your pet cat neutered

Shukrya Saida signs up for further information and vouchers, helped by Shona Green. Picture: Vernon Nash

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ALMOST 100 cat owners have had their pets neutered with help from an animal charity.

Gosport Cats Protection is running a subsidised neutering scheme for cats in the town.

The charity will arrange neutering with a local vet for £5 and Gosport Cats Protection will pay the rest.

So far 90 cats and kittens have been neutered under the scheme but the charity says there are many more places available.

It is open to anyone with a PO12, PO13 or PO14 post code and is on a low income, benefits or pension.

For details call (023) 9258 2601.

The scheme ends on May 31.

The charity says it will help lower the number of unwanted kittens.