Giving up alcohol for a month is now a game

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A FUN online game is being used to make people think about how much alcohol they drink.

West Sussex County Council has joined forces with charity Alcohol Concern to inspire ‘Dry January’ participants with a new interactive game.

The game features Marty the Martian and involves participants helping Marty save up alcohol units throughout January to fuel his ship and make it home.

Councillor Christine Field, who is in charge of wellbeing in West Sussex, said: ‘We are delighted to have collaborated with Alcohol Concern on this new game.

‘The game is a fun way for people to experience the benefits of going alcohol-free for Dry January.

‘Why not sign up for Dry January with friends, family or colleagues so you’re in it together? The benefits of cutting back on alcohol include losing weight and a better night’s sleep, plus you will also save money.’

The game can be accessed at with participants being able to share their rewards through Facebook.