Gosport cancer patient stuck in airport for eight hours

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TERMINALLY-ILL Jason Clarke was in agony after an eight-hour flight delay meant he ran out of medication.

The 41-year-old was trapped in Amsterdam airport and ran out of morphine – his legs swelled up hugely while stranded with two friends.

Clyde Hoile, Steve Lewington and Jason Clarke. ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (142423-941)

Clyde Hoile, Steve Lewington and Jason Clarke. ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (142423-941)

Jason, of Wilmott Close, Gosport, said the three-day break was ruined after he ran out of the pain-killing drug.

He said: ‘It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

‘The way we were treated was totally rude.

‘I took the right amount of controlled drugs – because the aeroplane was delayed I missed my lunchtime and evening ones. My leg blew up like an elephant.’

Jason was diagnosed with lung, liver and bone cancer last year and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

He and friends Clyde Hoile and Steve Lewington want compensation from the airline Flybe.

Jason had exactly the right amount of medication for the length of time he was away.

The trio had paid nearly £900 for the Flybe tickets from Southampton Airport to Amsterdam Schipol.

They are demanding 750 Euros in compensation after they feel they were badly treated by airport staff.

Steve, 40, of Forton Road, Gosport, said the flight crew did not help them find a wheelchair for Jason.

The decorating business owner said: ‘At one point we were pushing him around in a luggage trolley.

‘They must have thought we were English hooligans.

‘It left a bad taste in the mouth.’

Jason suffered from a chest infection just days after the trio finally got back home to Gosport.

In an email to Steve, the airline said it could not do anything with the claim until a similar case was settled in the Supreme Court.

But the email added the delay was due to technical problems.

Clyde, 47, of Rowner, said the delay at the airport ruined the entire trip.

He said: ‘It ruined it really, the whole thing.

‘Jason wasn’t feeling that great anyway.

‘I couldn’t afford to go but we made sure he could go.’

Clyde added Jason had enjoyed the rest of the trip.

Flybe said passengers were kept informed and put on the earliest next flight.