Gosport dad donates kidney to his son

Luis  Goncalves , nine, with dad Ed Goncalves, 45.''Ed gave Luis a kidney
Luis Goncalves , nine, with dad Ed Goncalves, 45.''Ed gave Luis a kidney
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HE LOVES playing with his twin brother and pet guinea pig in the garden and having picnics in the park.

And these are the simple things nine-year-old Luis Goncalves will be able to do again thanks to a life-saving gift from his dad.

His father Ed, 45, donated one of his kidneys – helping him win a battle with end-stage renal failure.

Luis, of Broadsands Drive in Gosport has bravely coped with and fought against the condition since he was diagnosed in March last year.

He has been on dialysis since May and has gone through 10 operations, mainly to tackle infections from the dialysis.

In March last year the active and healthy boy complained of soreness around his bladder.

Tests revealed that his kidneys had not developed properly as he had grown older.

His kidneys were then operating at 20 per cent of their capacity – but that plummeted to just four per cent before surgeons carried out the transplant on March 19.

After a day trip to Gosport on Wednesday, he is now even more excited to leave Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he is currently living with Ed.

He said the transplant makes him think of recycling – something the family, including mum Siobhan, 43, and twin brother Joe, nine, all do as dad Ed works for an environmental group.

Luis, who faces another transplant in the future, said: ‘It also means me and my Dad will always be together.

‘I was really worried the transplant would hurt afterwards but actually it hurt a lot less than the other operations.

‘I’ve been living in a hospital for a long time – it will be nice living in a normal house again.’

Luis has been waiting a long time for the transplant, as doctors delayed after detecting antibodies normally only present after a transfusion or transplant and had to put him on dialysis when his condition worsened.

And an operation scheduled back in February was cancelled at the 11th hour after he developed liver problems.

Ed and wife Siobhan knew they were both willing to donate to their son – but want people to sign up to the register.

Ed said: ‘It’s a no-brainer. If you’re a parent you want to do everything you can for your child.

‘It was pretty black and white, this was potentially a life-saving treatment and I had the ability to give that to my son – you jump at the chance.

‘We thought it would probably make more sense for Siobhan to be the person who was there for Luis and for me to go through the operation.’

‘I managed to shuffle along the corridor into Luis’ isolation room.

‘It was one of the best days of my life, without a doubt.

Condition in womb probably cause of the problem

A DOCTOR’S first words to pregnant Siobhan and husband Ed were: ‘You’re going to lose your babies.’

In the womb little Luis and twin brother Joe were suffering from a rare condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and needed urgent surgery to save them both.

Doctors think this condition is the probable cause of Luis’ kidney failure. It meant he pumped his blood to his brother Joe, which could have led to death for both of them.

The pair were saved after surgery was carried out by the doctor who had given Siobhan and Ed the initial warning.