Gosport War memorial Hospital ward revamped after outbreak of MRSA

Gosport War Memorial Hospital
Gosport War Memorial Hospital

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A HOSPITAL ward has undergone refurbishment following an outbreak of MRSA.

Health officials have revealed that the Daedalus ward at Gosport War Memorial Hospital was closed to admissions on June 9 following a colonisation of MRSA.

This means the bug presents on the skin and does not cause an immediate risk to patients and can be treated with topical creams.

It was found on seven people between a four-month period, so Public Health England and a senior microbiologist checked out the ward and found the environment was considered a possible contributing factor.

An action plan was put in place where high levels of hygiene had proved more difficult, such as seals around flooring, the flooring itself, bathroom areas and the treatment room.

In total there were 10 patients on the dementia ward. Seven were discharged as planned, while the other three patients were moved to a different ward.

Director of integrated service east Gethin Hughes said: ‘The decision was taken to close the ward on July 15 to enable the remaining work to be carried out safely.

‘Discharge plans for patients who were able to be safely discharged to our community teams were implemented. Three remaining patients who required further inpatient care were transferred to other wards within Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

‘This work, and the development of our new conservatory and patient walkway has enabled us to provide an enhanced environment to care for some of our most vulnerable patients.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff working within our wards, our community teams and our estates team for working together to minimise disruption of service to patients ensuring our facilities continue to be safe for those we care for.’