Gosport woman died from pneumonia after suffering anorexia

Becky Green
Becky Green
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THE death of a woman who suffered from an eating disorder was due to natural causes, a coroner has ruled.

Becky Green, 24, suffered from anorexia nervosa and contracted pneumonia while undergoing treatment.

Area coroner Gordon Denson said Miss Green’s poor health ‘led to her contracting pneumonia as a direct result of her anorexia nervosa’.

The three-day inquest at Southampton Coroner’s Court concluded yesterday after hearing evidence from consultant psychiatrist Dr Alan Wear, from Marchwood Priory, where Miss Green, of Sycamore Close, Rowner, Gosport, had some of her treatment.

As reported in The News, her parents John Taylor, 55, and Pamela Green, 49, of Burney Road, Alverstoke, wanted answers over the psychiatric care she had before her death at Southampton General Hospital on September 24.

Mr Denson said: ‘Rebecca sadly had a long and complex medical history centring around her anorexia nervosa.’

The inquest heard Miss Green had on previous occasions emptied feeding tubes into her bed in hospital and then later had started to complain of pain so they would be removed.

Mr Denson added: ‘She was a good negotiator and would say anything to evade the treatment.’

He said her treatment did not ‘at any time fall below any level,’ adding that the inquest ‘found quite the opposite’.

Dr Wear said Miss Green’s eating disorder dated back to her teenage years and she had attempted suicide in 2005.

Miss Green was first admitted to the Marchwood Priory between November 2012 and January 2013. Her family asked why she was not admitted again before September but Dr Wear said: ‘Making her go into hospital would not have made her better.’

He added: ‘I think she would have started to refuse food.’

She was admitted in September after first being in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, when she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, weighing 4st 3oz.

Dr Wear told the inquest Miss Green was in a ‘state of starvation’.

Her father had questioned why her BMI had reduced from when she was admitted to the Priory clinic to when she was transferred to Southampton General on September 10.

But Dr Wear said by that point, with her BMI under 10, it was not most effective way of measuring progress. He said from September 8 she was being supervised one-to-one.

Speaking after the inquest, Miss Green’s mother said she had moved the family down to Gosport to access better mental health facilities. The family were unhappy with Mr Denson’s verdict.

Miss Green’s sister Charlotte Green, 20, said that there were two sides to her sister – one influenced by her anorexia and one not. The pair stayed together while Miss Green was out of hospital.

Charlotte Green said: ‘She wasn’t just my sister. She was my best friend.

‘She’d say that she felt trapped and that she wanted to stay at home with us but her head wouldn’t let her.’