Gran furious as Gosport War Memorial Hospital refuses to treat toddler

ANGER Terri Rylance with her granddaughter Keeleigh-Marie Connick.     Picture: Steve Reid (112105-794)
ANGER Terri Rylance with her granddaughter Keeleigh-Marie Connick. Picture: Steve Reid (112105-794)
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A GRANDMOTHER who drove her two-year-old granddaughter to hospital with a head injury says staff turned her away because they were finished for the day.

Terri Rylance took granddaughter Keeleigh-Marie to the minor injuries unit at Gosport War Memorial Hospital on June 8 after she cracked her head open on a glass coffee table.

The 47-year-old was stunned when she was turned away and told to go to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham because the unit was closed for the day.

Ms Rylance, of Beryton Road, Gosport, said: ‘Anything could have happened from the time we were at the Memorial Hospital to the time we got to QA.

‘I got there at five to nine. We deliberately checked the time.

‘I said my granddaughter is bleeding from a head injury and she is two years old and they said we would have to go to QA.

‘There was another woman there who said she had been there for longer than us and it was still closed then.’

Ms Rylance drove to the nearby ambulance station in Privett Road to ask paramedics to check her granddaughter’s head injury before going to QA.

‘They were absolutely wonderful,’ she said.

‘They checked her over and made sure she was alright. That’s all I wanted. They said we should still take her to QA because it was a head injury. I was just worried because anything could have happened on the way.’

Cllr Peter Edgar, Gosport Borough Council’s health spokesman, has called for an investigation.

He said: ‘The instruction should have been to dial 999. It seems ridiculous.

‘I can’t believe all the staff had left the building.

‘The very thing we are trying to do is stop overloading accident and emergency at QA.

‘If a person arrives at a minor injuries clinic and is an inappropriate patient, maybe because they are on the deadline of its closure, they must get appropriate advice.

‘We need a full investigation and the facts laid bare. The last thing we want is for people to lose confidence in this facility.’

A spokeswoman for the minor injury unit could not confirm what advice was given, but said: ‘Our records show the last patient to visit the minor injuries unit was admitted and treated at 8.30pm.

‘If a member of the public requires help after 9pm we would advise them to use one of the other medical services available.’