Graveside vigil to be held by angry mother

CAMPAIGN Christine Lord and her son Andrew
CAMPAIGN Christine Lord and her son Andrew
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A GRIEVING mother who blames Margaret Thatcher’s government for her son’s death will hold a protest at his graveside on the day of the former Prime Minister’s funeral.

Christine Lord has been campaigning to raise awareness of the human form of mad cow disease after her son Andrew died of it aged 24 in 2007.

And she says that next Wednesday, when millions of pounds are being spent to mark the death of Baroness Thatcher in London, she will be at her son’s grave in Kingston Cemetery on St Mary’s Road in Portsmouth.

Mrs Lord, of Wilton Terrace in Southsea, described the death of her son as ‘an unlawful killing,’ and said that many thousands more people could be unknowingly infected with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), caused by eating beef infected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy, more commonly known as BSE.

The incubation period of the disease is unknown but could be up to 50 years in humans.

Mrs Lord watched her formerly healthy son go blind, suffer dementia and became quadriplegic as a result of being infected with vCJD. She has now written a book, in which she claims to uncover the truth about the mad cow disease scandal.

She said: ‘Andrew ate or ingested BSE-infected beef which Thatcher and her government knew was dangerous. I have campaigned ever since Andrew’s death to get to the truth.

‘My research has resulted in a book called Who Killed my Son? in which I expose the lies and corruption of Thatcherism and how its one-sided policy of greed created and allowed BSE-infected beef to feed, medicate and contaminate a nation.

‘Thatcher has left a terrible ticking health timebomb of BSE which affects millions, experts are unsure how many more of us may develop the disease.

‘My son paid the ultimate price of avarice and greed.

‘I am appalled at the pomp, ceremony and tributes being paid to a Prime Minister who has put an entire nation at risk of mad cow disease.

‘I am totally heartbroken that my son’s young life meant so little and Thatcher is being feted like some sort of saint.’

The BSE epidemic reached its peak in the UK in January 1993 with 1,000 new cases being recorded each week.

Mrs Thatcher died as the result of a stroke on Monday.

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