Hampshire girl finds life-saving match after Twitter appeal

Zara Al Shaikh''Picture: Delete Blood Cancer UK/PA Wire
Zara Al Shaikh''Picture: Delete Blood Cancer UK/PA Wire
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A 13-year-old girl who needs a life-saving blood stem cell donation has found a match.

Zara Al Shaikh, from Winchester, Hampshire, opened a Match4Zara Twitter account and saw her quest shared thousands of times on social media.

Zara, who has leukaemia, has mixed English and Arabic heritage which made finding a match difficult.

But a blood stem cell donor has now been found following a mass search and Zara will receive the donation in the next few weeks.

Zara said: “Amazing news! I’ve got a match. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful support and that special person for being on the register.”

Jenny Clegg, head of communications at Delete Blood Cancer UK, said: “It is wonderful that a match has been found for Zara.

“We are so happy for Zara and her family and our thoughts will be with them as she prepares for the donation. Our thoughts are always with the wonderful person who took the time to register as a potential donor, and who will now help save Zara’s life.”

Delete Blood Cancer UK is appealing for people to register as potential blood stem cell donors to help find a match for others in need.