Hampshire residents urged to sign up to Dry January 2016

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PEOPLE are being encouraged to sign up to Dry January 2016 and join others who are taking a month off alcohol to mark the new year.

Figures show more than 1,100 Hampshire residents chose to go sober in January last year, joining two million other adults across the UK.

Two-thirds of participants were successful at going the whole month dry, and 85-per-cent of people reported a great sense of achievement after completing it.

Last year’s campaign also showed that six months later, two-thirds of people who took part were still drinking less.

Hampshire’s health and public health spokeswoman, Councillor Patricia Stallard, said: ‘A month off alcohol is really good for your health. It boosts your energy levels and improves your sleep, but it also gives you a sense of achievement and can save you money, too. Alcohol misuse is widespread and its impact far-reaching. Many people do not realise how much they are drinking.’

For more information, visit www3.hants.gov.uk/drink-less/specialist-help