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MEN over 50 are being urged to go for a prostate check-up as March marks Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

The campaign aims to cut the number of lives a year lost to the condition.

Wives and girlfriends are also being urged to bring the subject up to encourage their partners to get tested.

Consultant urologist Lemke Solomon, from Spire Portsmouth Hospital in Havant, wants to see a big rise in the number of men visiting their GP for an examination.

He said: ‘There isn’t any point skirting around the subject. The most common test usually is a blood test and a digital rectal examination.

‘It is common practice for the doctor, usually takes less than a minute, is relatively painless and can save your life.’

Dr Solomon added: ‘Many men are embarrassed by the thought of the test and so put it off. If someone has a loved one over 50-years-old who they know hasn’t been tested, I would strongly advise them to use the awareness month to bring the subject up.’