Havant woman praises QA midwife for keeping calm and composed

Sharon Dorn with partner, Mark Trickett, and children Jacob-Lee Quinnell, Mackenzie Trickett and Charlie Trickett Picture: Malcolm Wells (171003-0895)

IT WAS the scariest moment in Sharon Dorn’s life when she started bleeding shortly after giving birth.

But thanks to the composed attitude of midwife Mary-Anne Sheehan, the 33-year-old was able to calmly get through the situation.

But Mary-Anne was amazing, helping me. I cannot thank her enough.

Sharon Dorn

Now, Sharon is sharing her story as a thanks to Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, and in particular Mary-Anne.

She said: ‘I had my little boy Charlie at QA in January last year.

‘I was 13 days late and was called in to be induced.

‘Mary-Anne broke my waters and I gave birth to Charlie in the evening but shortly after, I started to lose a lot of blood. I was panicking and my partner Mark’s face turned white.

‘But Mary-Anne was brilliant.

‘She took control and stayed calm, soothing me at the same time.’

Sharon, from Bedhampton, had to have a blood transfusion. She had to wait for the blood to be transported from Southampton and said Mary-Anne was beside her explaining what was happened and keeping her calm.

Sharon spent six days recovering in hospital.

She said even when she was discharged, Mary-Anne called to see how she was doing.

‘I kept thinking I was going to die,’ Sharon said.

‘I had three kids and I was scared I was going to leave them behind.

‘I had never been so scared in my life. But Mary-Anne was amazing, helping me. I cannot thank her enough.’

Sharon is sharing her story as part of The News’ We Love QA campaign. It aims to highlight the incredible care given to patients at QA Hospital and the staff who go above and beyond.

Over the past few weeks, we have heard stories from a range of people from mums like Sharon thanking the maternity team to charities fundraising as a way to say thanks.

The campaign has also inspired cancer survivors to share their treatment and experiences.

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