Health organisations look to work closer together to improve services

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LEADERS from the public health sector, housing and social care met to look at how they can work better together to improve services for their communities.

Solent Health NHS Trust hosted the event, working alongside Shared Ventures Ltd, to look at how different agencies can work closer.

It is hoped the event will lead to commitment from the groups present to action that will make a difference to some of the most vulnerable residents and communities in Hampshire.

Event sponsor Sue Harriman, chief executive at Solent, said: ‘We know that we cannot fix a health crisis, a housing crisis, nor social care crisis working in isolation from one another.

‘We need to work creatively and collaboratively to deliver services which keep people safe and well in their homes for longer.’

Yesterday’s event focused on strengthening the mental health and wellbeing of communities.

Sue added: ‘From our early discussions between different public sectors we recognise that patients, tenants and those whom we care for in their own homes can find it difficult to readily access support.

‘We’re starting a conversation around this as a key priority – working across different sectors to unpick how we can better use our collective assets.’