Health report shows people in south east live longer than national average

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PEOPLE in the south east live longer than the England average.

A new report by Public Health England looked at the profile of health across the country and found the average life expectancy has increased.

In the south east, the average for women is 84 while for men it is 80.5 - these are higher than the national averages which are 83.1 and 79.5 respectively.

It also found 60.3 per cent of adults in the region are physically active, compared to the England average of 57 per cent.

‘Smoking prevalence in adults in the south east is now down to 14.6 per cent, compared to the England average of 15.5 per cent.

Nationally, diabetes makes the top 10 causes of ill-health and disability for the first time while lower back and neck pain are the biggest causes of ill health.

Diana Grice, centre director of Public Health England south east said: ‘It is important we focus on preventing poor health instead of just dealing with its consequences, especially for those from deprived communities.’