Heart muscle disease group run by sufferers

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A SUPPORT group for those with a heart condition will be run by men with the illness.

Paul Griffin, 65, of Palmyra Road in Gosport, will host the event tomorrow at 7pm from 9pm at the Holiday Inn in Leigh Road, Eastleigh.

He will co-host the night with Southampton-based 61-year-old Brian Luff.

Mr Griffin was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy 13 years ago, after he suffered from chest pains when cycling to work and was breathless walking up stairs.

As previously reported in The News, he now has a pacemaker and has participated in trials of a new stem-cell therapy.

The condition is normally inherited and affects all ages.

It is the main cause of sudden death in people under 35 years old but can be treated.

Both Mr Griffin and Mr Luff belong to the charity Cardiomyopathy Association, which offers information and support for those affected by the illness.