Hepatitis C campaigner hits out at government

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THE government’s lack of ability to apologise and compensate thousands of people contaminated by tainted NHS blood has been branded a ‘joke’.

Sally Vickers, 53, of Railway View, Landport, had a transfusion aged 14, but found out 30 years later that tainted blood meant she had hepatitis C.

She, like hundreds of other patients in the UK, is living with a disease given to her through no fault of her own.

Yesterday a debate was held in Westminster to find out when the government would formally apologise to victims and give compensation, however no answer was given to either demand.

Mrs Vickers said: ‘The whole thing is a joke, an absolute joke. It’s the same old agenda which means there won’t be an apology or compensation.

‘We are just being left here to die and no one wants to listen to us or give answers.’