Hi-tech theatre comes to life, thanks to you!

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IT’S the UK’s most advanced theatre specialising in keyhole surgery.

And it’s thanks to you that the new state-of-the-art facility at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, Portsmouth, has become a reality.

Mr Simon Toh has his own knee looked at by Mr Gareth Harper in the new facility ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (13222-6945)

Mr Simon Toh has his own knee looked at by Mr Gareth Harper in the new facility ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (13222-6945)

The theatre, which includes four high-definition monitors which allow surgeons to work at all angles, cost £300,000 to put together.

It was paid for by the Rocky Appeal from public donations.

For the past 18 months, a six-figure sum has been raised for the appeal through sponsored head shaves, theatre functions, coffee mornings and darts events.

Yesterday, The News got an exclusive look around the development, which opens on Monday.

Mick Lyons, co-ordinator for the Rocky Appeal, said he was overwhelmed by people’s generosity.

‘This is a wonderful achievement for Portsmouth,’ he said.

‘This is the only theatre in the country to be this advanced.

‘Money is hard to come by these days and I appreciate everyone who helps us.

‘Whatever they are able to give is a bonus.’

Cameras are attached to lighting in the theatre so staff can record operations and put them on to USB sticks for patients.

Surgeons will also be able to play their work back and see what they can do better next time.

There are two other keyhole surgery theatres in the hospital and they were funded through donations from the Rocky Appeal. The appeal now plans £1.6m for another keyhole surgery theatre which would have a robot performing operations.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Gareth Harper, who will run the theatre, said: ‘This is going to make doing operations a lot easier.

‘We’ll be able to get a hi-tech view and a broader angle of what’s inside the joints.

‘There are three to four similar theatres like this in the country but they are not as technologically advanced.’

Simon Toh, clinical director of general surgery, said: ‘This theatre puts Portsmouth on the map.’