Home birth pools are safe to use, says Queen Alexandra Hospital

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PREGNANT women considering a home birthing pool are being told not to be alarmed about advice against using the technique.

The message comes from Jane Parker-Wisdom, senior midwifery manager for public health and community services at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

It comes as Public Health England and NHS England advised suspension of home birthing pools with built-in heaters and recirculation pumps, potentially filled up to two weeks in advance of the birth.

It follows a single case of Legionnaires’ disease identified in a baby born in this specific type of birthing pool at home. The baby is currently receiving intensive care treatment in hospital and is not from the Portsmouth area.

Ms Parker-Wisdom said: ‘We don’t want women to be alarmed following this announcement from PHE, and we want to reassure our women that water births can absolutely still go ahead, providing this type of birthing pool is not used.’