Hospital to use app in order to get medicine

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TECHNOLOGY has been app-lied to prescribe medicine in a modern way.

Pharmacy staff at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester, have worked with an app developer to produce a programme that allows colleagues instant access to the right guidelines, dosages and advice.

Previously, medical staff needing to prescribe antibiotics to hospital patients would need to leave the bedside and go to a computer to make sure they were writing a prescription for the right drug, in the right amount.

Now, they can get all the information they need from their mobile phone, without leaving the patient.

Prescribing guidelines for antibiotics used to be updated once a year.

Now, as soon as any change is made the new information is instantly ‘pushed’ out to the users of the app, updating it straight away.

Sue Taylor, antimicrobial pharmacist, said: ‘This app gives our prescribers the latest, evidence-based information, at their fingertips.