How can we help people breathe easy?

The Breathe Easy''group. Photo: Paul Quinn
The Breathe Easy''group. Photo: Paul Quinn
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Chris Staples from Gosport and Fareham Breathe Easy group, talks about the group’s latest meetings and events

The recent cold spell has already put pressure on NHS services.

At least twice the accident and emergency department at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham has been reported in the press as being under strain.

This not only directly affects those unfortunate enough to be in A&E, but also has a knock-­on effect throughout the hospital.

At our last Breathe Easy meeting we had a respiratory consultant, Professor Anoop Chauhan, come and speak to us.

Prof Chauhan is a consultant and director of research and innovation at QA.

He had been very busy that day having been called to help in A&E as there were so many patients, so obviously respiratory conditions were a major concern there.

This meant that the patients who had morning appointments had to be re­arranged between other consultants.

Prof Chauhan spoke about the recent Mission COPD study the hospital had been trialling which he hoped would be taken up further across parts of the south Hampshire area.

He is an inspirational and dedicated man who leads an equally dedicated team.

The accepted figures of 20 per cent of the population having respiratory problems would seem to be an understatement for the Gosport/Fareham area, hence the clinical concern and interest in helping as many as possible as quickly as possible.

It means that one out of every four or five people you pass along the street has a breathing problem.

This is not confined to any particular age range either.

Figures soon to be released for mortalities in children aged 15 and under for respiratory problems in the UK are extremely sobering.

We need to do more to help.

This area is very fortunate with a lot of research into improving the quality of life for sufferers from both QA and Southampton University Hospital with a lot of new initiatives, but the clinicians of all medical conditions need the public support through volunteering for research­.

Please speak with your GP or nurse about it, or, go to the QA website to find out how you can help.

n The next Gosport/Fareham Breathe Easy meeting will on Thursday from 2pm to 4pm at Gosport Leisure Centre. We will be going over some new developments that have helped patients during the past year.