Hundreds get flu jab at hospital health trust

Eric and Maureen Chivers from Emsworth. Eric is heaping praise on the NHS for the superb teatment he recieved when he was in hospital with a serious illness     'Picture: Ian Hargreaves

Gosport man who spent months in hospital says ‘I owe NHS staff my life’

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MORE than 1,500 members of staff at a health trust have had their flu vaccination during the first three weeks of a national drive.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Health4Work team has been offering free jabs to all staff based at its hospitals in the county.

The staff vaccination campaign, which is for all NHS staff, will run until mid-December.

So far 1,613 of the trust’s staff have taken the opportunity to have their jab early, before the traditional start of the flu season.

Chief Nurse Donna Green said: ‘For most people flu is just unpleasant, but for some of our patients it can be really serious.

‘I’m really pleased to see so many staff have already had their flu jabs in preparation for winter, to help protect patients, families and colleagues.’

As the flu virus changes each year, it is important people get vaccinated annually. To find out more, visit your GP or practice nurse.