Husband is pleased to donate cash to QA

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TO SAY thank you to a hospital team for caring for his wife in her final days, John Menage has donated £1,000.

The money was given to the critical care unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, as a way of showing his thanks to the team for looking after Jennifer Menage, at the end of last year, for five days.

She died aged 71, in December.

Mr Menage, 74, of Waterlooville, said: ‘My wife was admitted to the hospital on November 7, last year suffering with internal bleeding problems.

‘After three days she was transferred to the critical care ward where she spent five days.

‘My family and I were very impressed with the high level of care Jennifer received on every ward in the hospital, but felt that if there was one unit that could really benefit from some money it was critical care.

‘I remember being amazed by all the equipment Jennifer had around her when I first visited her on the unit. It must have cost hundreds.’