‘I’m grateful for everything they do for Ryan’ says mum

THANKS Ryan Goddard with teaching assistant Celeste Gilchrist
THANKS Ryan Goddard with teaching assistant Celeste Gilchrist

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MUM Emma Goddard cannot sing the praises of teachers at her son’s school highly enough.

Ryan goes to Petersgate Infant School, in Green Lane, Clanfield.

The six-year-old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 16 months old.

Since then, his family have injected him daily with insulin and monitor his food carefully.

But now Ryan is trying out a diabetic pump, which supplies his body with a constant flow of insulin.

And to ensure he gets the treatment at school, four teachers have been trained how to use the pump and help Ryan out.

To say thank you, Emma, of Beckless Avenue, Clanfield, as put the teachers forward for the Best of Health Awards.

Tracey Bertram, Chris Read, Lisa Stubbs and Celeste Gilchrist have been put forward in the Unsung Hero category.

Emma said: ‘These four ladies went out of their way to learn about my son Ryan’s medical condition.

‘He is six years old and has Type 1 diabetes, they all attended training courses run by Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, learning how to treat hypos and inject Ryan with insulin at every lunchtime.

‘Ryan is now on an insulin pump which pumps insulin round his body via a cannula.

‘Mrs Gilchrist also attends training on how to do this, and without this support, Ryan wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life.

‘If they didn’t agree to do this, which they don’t have to, I would have had to go in every day and inject him.

‘I am most grateful for everything they have done for Ryan, I trust them 110 per cent with him and he also trusts them.

‘I really do feel they deserve this award cause without them Ryan wouldn’t be where he is today.’

Time is running out to put forward your health hero for an award. To nominate someone for an award, fill in the nominations form.

Closing date for entries is July 5, and the awards night on October 25.