I’m quitting cigarettes for sake of my kids

(l-r) Erica Course the quit4Life advisor, Leo Batey-Bowthorpe, two, mum Ayesha Batey, four-month-old Sam Batey-Bowthorpe and health visitor
(l-r) Erica Course the quit4Life advisor, Leo Batey-Bowthorpe, two, mum Ayesha Batey, four-month-old Sam Batey-Bowthorpe and health visitor
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WHEN 23-year-old Ayesha Batey found she was struggling to run after her children, she knew she needed to make changes.

Ayesha, of Elson Road, Gosport, has been a smoker for 10 years.

But having three children – Cody, four, Leo, two, and four-month-old Sam – has finally given Ayesha a push to quit.

She has started Quit4Life sessions to help her kick the smoking habit with help from her health visitor.

And with the help and support of professionals, she is on her way to giving up for good.

She said: ‘I started smoking when I was 13 as all my friends were doing it.

‘I used to have a paper round, so what little money I got I would spend on cigarettes.

‘I hid it from my parents, but when I was 14 they found out.

‘That was when I realised I was addicted because I couldn’t stop.

‘After the initial disappointment, they accepted it and then I started smoking more as I wasn’t hiding it. I have tried to give up a few times, but just don’t have the willpower to last.

‘But now I feel like enough to enough.

‘I have three children and I want to be able to run after them.

‘It’s also not right that a person my age has lack of energy, plus it’s an expensive habit.’

On average Ayesha would smoke around 20 cigarettes a day.

But since getting help from the clinic, Ayesha is slowly cutting back to help her quit altogether.

‘With the help of the service I have reduced it to about five a day,’ she said.

‘The timing feels right for me and I’m getting a lot of encouragement to keep going.’

Ayesha goes to a stop-smoking clinic held at the Tree House and Little Waves Children’s Centre, in Elson Infant School, Gosport.

There are more than 50 stop smoking clinics run across Hampshire.

The Quit4Life service is run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

To find out more about ways of giving up and the support services that are available in the area, go to quit4life.nhs.uk.

Stop smoking help on the end of the line

A NEW helpline has been launched to help people quit smoking.

The Quitline – run by Southern Health Foundation Trust – takes you to an advisor, who will call you back with help on how to kick in the habit.

Wendy Bennett, who runs the service, said: ‘This is about making it easier for people with busy lives.

‘If you’re a parent, work shifts, travel for work or can’t get to a clinic, then this is for you.’

For help, call 0845 602 4663.