Increased diagnosis of people with dementia

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THE number of people being diagnosed with dementia has increased in the Portsmouth area.

Figures released by the Alzheimer’s Society show that in Portsmouth, 1,263 people were diagnosed with the condition in 2011.

Last year 1,374, new cases were diagnosed, but it’s estimated there are actually 2,225 people living with the condition.

In Hampshire, 8,288, were confirmed to have dementia in 2011, while in 2012, 8,695 people were diagnosed.

Yet the charity believes there are 19,209 cases in the county.

Angie Newing, regional director for the society, said: ‘It’s encouraging to see an increase in people receiving a diagnosis, but half of those aren’t receiving the support, benefits and the treatments often available.

‘The NHS has made a commitment to improving diagnosis rates so now it is time for that commitment to turn into action, to ensure people can live well with the condition.’

The charity’s advice is to speak to your GP if you are worried about your memory and struggling to remember recent events.

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