Information about why breast milk is better

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HERE are some tips and pointers as to why breastfeeding is best for mum and baby.

The advice is being given by Amanda Malthouse, Solent NHS Trust’s specialist practitioner breastfeeding.

Her advice comes during Breastfeeding Awareness Week, and includes:

· Skin-to-skin contact helps stimulate important hormones that will help establish breastfeeding, and help to make both mum and baby feel calmer.

· Babies have tiny tummies. A newborn baby only needs a few teaspoonfuls of milk to start with, but the more often the baby feeds, the more milk will be produced.

· Breastfeeding is more likely to be successful if the mum is supported by her partner and family.

· Getting positioning and attachment at the breast comfortable from the start is really important so that the baby can drink well and the mum doesn’t get sore.

To find out more, call the Breastfeeding Support and Healthy Weight Team on (023) 9285 1350.