Inquest hears paramedics did not know about meconium in emergency labour call

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PARAMEDICS attending an emergency call to a woman in labour whose child died said they were not told about all the circumstances surrounding the situation.

An inquest into the death of Rafe Angelo continued yesterday at Portsmouth Coroner’s Court.

We were given very limited information.

Kerry Davidson

As reported in The News, the newborn died shortly after he was born following complications during labour.
Kelly Angelo, from Gosport, was due to give birth at Blakes Birthing Centre in Gosport but was transferred by ambulance to Queen Alexandra Hospital after third grade meconium – the baby’s first faeces – started leaking.

The court heard from the paramedics who were called to Blakes Birthing Centre that information about the meconium was not passed on.

Kerry Davidson, from South Central Ambulance Service (Scas), said: ‘We were told there was a 35-year-old woman who had been in labour since 5am and was not progressing. We were given very limited information.’

The court had previously heard yesterday from maternity support worker Jacqueline Rogerson that she had told the Scas call-taker about the meconium.

She said: ‘I was asked to phone the ambulance when the decision was made that Kelly needed to be taken to QA Hospital.

‘Her midwife had not been to Blakes before and asked if someone else could phone the ambulance. I had done it before and felt confident making the call.’

The tape of the phone call was played in the court and the call-taker was heard asking if the ambulance was an emergency.

Ms Rogerson said yes and explained about the meconium. It is unknown why the paramedics were not given this piece of information.

While giving her evidence, Ms Davidson said when they received the emergency call, herself and ambulance driver Hayley Ince were on their way to Fareham ambulance station.

‘We had been at a job in Fareham town centre for more than hours and I needed to use the facilities at the ambulance station,’ Ms Davidson said.

When asked by Ms Angelo’s legal representative Victoria Hydon how long it took to use the toilet, Ms Davidson said ‘three to four minutes’.

The paramedics then drove to Blakes Birthing Centre with blue lights and sirens using their sat nav for directions arriving in 22 minutes.

Day two of the inquest also heard from midwife Tracey Lasisi who was overseeing the labour ward at QA when Rafe was born on September 23, 2014.

She said: ‘I walked into Kelly’s room after Rafe had been born and resuscitation was being carried out on him.

‘I went to the bed to see if I could offer support to Kelly. The consultant then walked to Kelly and said something like “your baby is going to die” and then went back to help with the resuscitation.

‘At that point I apologised to Kelly that the comment sounded harsh but the doctor was just trying to say what was happening. I explained she needed to get back to help care for Rafe. I did think it sounded harsh.’

Fellow midwife at QA Kerry Madgwick also made reference to hearing a similar comment during her evidence.