Insurance for Gosport cancer sufferer Louise cost more than her holiday

Louise Reilly of Gosport has had problems getting travel insurance as she has cancer. Picture: Paul Jacobs (15011-2)
Louise Reilly of Gosport has had problems getting travel insurance as she has cancer. Picture: Paul Jacobs (15011-2)
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AFTER booking a holiday to Mexico, Louise Reilly was left frustrated at insurance companies for charging her more than £1,000 because she is having cancer treatment.

The 34-year-old was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer last year which has spread to her liver and bones.

Thanks to chemotherapy medication, called Capecitabine Chemotherapy Tablets, Louise is able to get on with her life and is controlling her cancer.

But when she booked a holiday to Playa del Carmen insurance companies wanted more than £1,000 for the two-week trip.

Louise, from Trinity Green, in Gosport said: ‘Last year I went on holiday to Vietnam, Greece and Norway, and only had to pay around £126 for insurance which is understandable considering my condition.

‘But the same firm, Insurancewith, want to charge me more than £1,000 to go to Mexico at the end of January.

‘It’s frustrating because the insurance is more than the holiday which my friends helped me pay for.

‘My doctor has signed me off as well enough to go and I have no side affects from the chemotherapy tablets.’

Even looking at Macmillan Cancer Support for insurance comparison, the cheapest Louise found was £1,037.

Louise added: ‘The only reason the companies are charging so much is because I am on the tablets.

‘I have been in contact with all the companies and they are putting it down to the chemo medication.

‘Obviously I am fit and healthy otherwise I wouldn’t be going to Mexico.

‘Travelling is something I love to do and one of my enjoyments in life.’

Fiona Macrae, brand director of Insurancewith, said: ‘Insurancewith is dedicated to providing affordable insurance for those with medical conditions. Our premiums are based on medical condition, medication, treatment, duration of visit and chosen destination.

‘Generally repeat customers find their premiums remain similar.

‘However there are factors which can result in a higher premium being charged; for example a change in treatment or medication, the choice of a destination or choosing to stay longer.’

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