It’s time to reward your health service heroes

Asha Senapati was awarded The News Health Award for Hospital Doctor of The Year  in 2013
Asha Senapati was awarded The News Health Award for Hospital Doctor of The Year in 2013

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They are a dedicated army of workers that focus their time on making sure we get better.

And today, The News launches the Best of Health Awards 2014.

Our annual awards, which have been set up to recognise different areas of the health service, have been getting bigger and bigger.

This year we want to make sure we recognise all those that go above and beyond their usual call of duty, all to help us.

As ever, we ask readers to nominate all those, who they think is worthy of winning an award as a thank you.

This year we have a new 13th category – Innovation of the Year.

News editor Mark Waldron said: ‘Each year these awards have grown, and I am always taken aback at what people have to say.

‘Whether it’s a doctor that has gone that extra mile to make their patient comfortable, a surgeon that has saved a life, a team that has helped a child take its first step, or a family grateful for mental health support, the stories are truly heart-warming.

‘And that’s what these awards are designed to do – to highlight the outstanding work that goes into delivering healthcare, and to say “thank you”.’

Last year Asha Senapati, a lower GI surgeon at Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, won the Hospital Doctor of the Year category.

She was nominated by paramedic Simon Instone, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2007.

In his nomination, Mr Instone, of Knights Bank Road, Fareham, said: ‘I cannot thank Miss Senapati enough for improving my quality of life; being able to enjoy my two young children, my garden and my work.

‘From having been on the receiving end of needing hospital care, I now have much more understanding and empathy for other people going into hospital for treatment.

‘Giving Miss Senapati boxes of biscuits at each annual visit just do not convey my immense thanks and respect I have for her .

‘She has allowed me to continue to live, and for that I offer this nomination.’

Miss Senapati is now backing people to nominate their health heroes for this year’s awards.

She said: ‘It was a great honour and privilege to have received the Hospital Doctor of the Year Award in 2013.

‘On behalf of the colorectal surgery team at QA, I was most grateful for the nomination and support from those who put me forward.

‘It was a commendation for the whole department.

‘The awards are a great way of recognising healthcare.’


Download the nomination form here


Below is a list of this year’s categories and a brief description:

Hospital Doctor of the Year

This award is for a consultant or surgeon who works in a local hospital that has excelled in their field.

Whether it’s the brilliant job when performing surgery, taking time to explain procedures, being friendly and approachable, or a combination of all three, we want to hear from you.

Hospital Nurse of the Year

sponsored by Wave FM

This category is for nurses that work inside a hospital setting only. Nurses that have shown excellent bedside manner, calmed and reassured patients and their families, as well as administer and explain medical help, are some of the qualities needed in this category.

Hospital Team of the Year

sponsored by Laly’s

From renal specialists, to neo-natal intensive care units, vascular teams to cardiology, there is often a combination of nurses and specialists that help us get better when we are dealing with a health problem. This category is for medical teams that work in a hospital and have provided outstanding care and attention.

GP Practice of the Year

Whether it’s a doctor you have known for 30 years that has given kind and reliable advice, a new practice that provides a good appointment service, or a place where you know you’re in safe hands, then say thank you by nominating them for a Best of Health Award.

Mental Health Worker/Team of the Year

Mental health care is one of the toughest health arenas to work in, but we want to make sure we recognise these dedicated individuals and teams that help. Whether you’re a patient that is or has suffered mental health problems, or a family or friend that has seen first hand the care and dedication provided, then please put them forward for an award.

Community Nurse/Team of the Year

Receiving the best medical care and support in your home, or centres close to it, can often help those on the road to recovery. This category is for nurses or teams who work in the community to provide healthcare.

Unsung Hero

sponsored by Admiral Care

They are the hidden army supporting medical staff in all aspects of health.

These workers could be volunteers or paid to do a non-health role, but that is fundamental to running our healthcare system safely and effectively. They could be friends, families, schools or organisations, that support anyone with a medical condition.

Carer of the Year

This category refers to paid nursing staff that provide care in a community setting or in a person’s home.

Carers could help the elderly or the vulnerable, such as young children, or hospice care.

Pharmacy of the Year

As well as dispensing medicine, pharmacies are being encouraged to expand their role to ensure they provide health help and carry out home visits.

If you have a those who go above and beyond their duty, then put them forward.

Dental Practice of the Year

sponsored by Natwest

Going to the dentist can be a daunting experience for some. But we want to reward the hard of all those practices that go the extra mile to deliver excellent patient care.

Ambulance Worker of the Year

sponsored by the University of Portsmouth

Paramedics who may have helped to save a life, with patient transport, or who give advice to the community, to private ambulance companies and the air ambulance service, this category covers the spectrum of ambulance work frontline and behind the scenes.

Midwife of the Year

sponsored by Portsmouth

Cultural Trust

This category is for midwives who support families before, during, and after the birth of their child in a hospital, home or community centre.

Innovation of the Year

This is a new category for the Best of Health Awards 2014.

We want to hear about those big – or often little – ideas that are put in place to help patients experience better healthcare. An innovative idea can often be picked up and used regionally or even nationally, and we want to reward those changes.

How to nominate

Nominations can be emailed or posted in, and it’s free. There is a form on page 9 of The Nedws today, which can be filled in and posted back to: Priya Mistry, The News, 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour, Western Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3EN. Alternatively, you can download the form here.

Or nominations can be e-mailed to

Please include your name, contact details, the person/team you are nominating, where they work and a detailed reason as to why you are nominating.

They can come in from patients, peers, families and staff members that want to say thank you.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 4, after which a panel of judges will select a winner and runner up for each category.

Ambulance Worker of the Year will have a winner only.

The awards night takes place on Friday, October 17, at the Portsmouth Guildhall.

Details about tickets will be made available closer to the time.