It’s time to teach our youngsters about teeth

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DENTAL nurses will teach pupils about caring for teeth as part of a new education programme in Waterlooville and Portsmouth.

It follows new survey data showing that more than two -thirds of children in the south east have fillings.

At the first of the sessions, over 70 reception pupils from Berewood Academy in Waterlooville were given a talk by dental nurses Claudia Murch and Katie Harrington from Oasis Dental Care in Waterlooville.

Oasis’s lead dentist Mira Krumova said: ‘Many people have simply got into bad habits.

‘In this campaign we are encouraging parents to “take two” twice a day to ensure their children are brushing their teeth properly.

‘If parents invest time in their children’s dental care early on, they could avoid invasive dental procedures not only in childhood, but also in adult life.’

The survey found that the typical parent in the south east supervises their child’s teeth brushing for just 72 seconds per day.