John Lewis tear-jerker inspires action

The old man on the moon in the John Lewis advert
The old man on the moon in the John Lewis advert
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THE moving John Lewis Christmas advert featuring a lonely old man on the moon has inspired thousands to volunteer to help elderly people during the festive season.

The advert tells the story of a girl who looks through a telescope and spots an elderly man all alone on the moon.

She becomes determined to send him a message to say she is thinking of him.

Thousands of people have since signed up offering to help Age UK’s Contact the Elderly scheme.

Esther Jackson, marketing and fundraising director for the charity, said: ‘Loneliness can be devastating and we hope this appeal will cement this huge issue even further into public consciousness and drive vital donations to help us provide companionship, advice and support through a range of services.

‘We also hope it will continue to get people talking about this important issue and inspire action – we all have a role to play as individuals, families and communities in helping ensure older people feel valued and included so that no-one feels lonely at Christmas time, or any other time of the year.’