Join in picnic and promote the many benefits of breastfeeding

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SCORES of mums, babies, and services, will meet up for a picnic during a breastfeeding awareness week.

Picnic in the Park is an annual event that brings together mums and services, to promote breastfeeding, including Solent NHS Trust.

The trust works in partnership with the Breastfeeding Network to encourage all new mums in Portsmouth to choose breastfeeding and offer them support and information.

Picnic in the Park takes place next Wednesday in Victoria Park.

And on Saturday, June 29, there will also be a stand in Cascades Shopping Centre, hosted by all the agencies and charities in Portsmouth that support breastfeeding.

Amanda Malthouse, a specialist practitioner for breastfeeding at Solent, said: ‘Picnic in the Park allows us to show in numbers, our support for breastfeeding and we would welcome anyone in the city to bring their sandwiches and meet with others who share the view that mum’s milk is the healthiest choice.

‘There are a lot of benefits to breastfeeding, to both mother and child.

‘For this reason it is only right that we make a lot of noises so that this natural act is the norm rather than the exception.’

‘Because of the hormones involved with breastfeeding, it can help mums to bond and form a special, close relationship with their baby.

‘This can actually help a baby’s brain develop and grow, thereby promoting their emotional health too.’

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week runs from June 23, to June 29.