Kebab now under microscope amid horsemeat burger fiasco

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KEBABS have come under scrutiny following the discovery of horsemeat in some supermarket beef burgers.

West Sussex Trading Standards Service has been examining descriptions applied to kebabs at sellers across the county.

Eight out of 10 descriptions were found to be wrong.

It was discovered that while many ‘lamb’ kebabs were mostly made from lamb, they also contained significant amounts of poultry, beef and even veal.

If you buy a ‘lamb’ kebab or a ‘doner kebab’, advice from Trading Standards is that the only meat in it should be lamb, unless the menu description tells you otherwise.

Officers said most of the identified problems were due to local sellers not understanding the rules rather than deliberating setting out to deceive the public.

For this reason the sellers were given a warning and a chance to put matters right before being re-visited.

All corrected the descriptions applied.

Councillor Christine Field, who head public protection at West Sussex County Council, said: ‘We want to remind traders that misdescribing food is a serious matter.

‘What goes on sale for the public to eat has to be what has been described.

‘Anyone who has any concerns should get in touch with our Trading Standards officers through Citizens Advice on 08454 040506 or the West Sussex County Council website.’