Kidney op doctor gets off without a warning

SURGERY Queen Alexandra Hospital
SURGERY Queen Alexandra Hospital
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A SURGEON who botched a kidney operation has been allowed to continue practising.

Kamal Abusin, a consultant in renal transplant surgery, has escaped without warning after a fitness to practise panel deemed he had not broken General Medical Council rules.

Dr Abusin had operated on a father-of-two, known as Patient A, at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

The patient, who was donating a kidney to his father, was left with kidney failure and needing a transplant from his sister after the procedure, in 2008.

Dr Ann Barker, chairman of the panel, said: ‘Having weighed the public interest against your own, the panel is satisfied the facts proved and the evidence before it do not suggest your conduct has fallen below the standards expected to a degree warranting a formal response by the GMC.

‘The panel does not consider your errors set against your otherwise good record will affect future patient care, damage public confidence in the profession, or harm the reputation of the profession.’