Kind woman’s legacy should help save lives

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A WATERLOOVILLE woman is donating some of her will to charity after losing loved ones to heart problems.

Joyce Roberts, 63, has lost her mother, three aunts and three uncles to heart disease and is donating a legacy to the British Heart Foundation.

Her pledge comes ahead of Remember A Charity Week from September 9 to 15, which aims to highlight the importance of legacies for UK charities.

Mrs Roberts said: ‘My family has such a strong connection to the British Heart Foundation (BHF). My two sisters and I understand how important it is to keep informed about heart disease problems and the treatments available, as we have lost so many in our family to this deadly disease. We try to keep fit and healthy because we recognise the impact simple lifestyle choices can have on your health.

‘Within our family each generation has been touched by heart disease.

‘The BHF is searching for a breakthrough to put an end to the suffering.

‘I have chosen to support them with a legacy in the hope that research projects can continue to be funded, helping to ensure future generations’ lives are saved.’