Know the right NHS service to use this summer

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THE NHS is urging people to be aware of the different health services available to them should they become ill or get injured over the summer.

NHS Hampshire is asking people to make use of services such as the minor injury treatment centres and pharmacies, instead of automatically going to Queen Alexandra Hospital’s emergency department.

Dr Ruth Milton, director of public health for NHS Hampshire, said: ‘There are a variety of NHS services available including walk-in centres, minor injury units and pharmacies and I’d ask people to take care and choose the right service.

‘Especially when the weather is hot, it’s a shame to spend unnecessary time waiting in a hospital when there is a quicker and more appropriate way to get treatment.’

If you have a minor injury or illness – such as a cut, broken bone or sprain – you can visit St Mary’s Treatment Centre at St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth, or Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

For less urgent matters visit your GP, or call the out-of-hours doctor on 0300 300 2012. For advice call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.